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Get in Touch with the Customer
Based on their rich experience in translation and localization, the project manager and chief translator will propose an appropriate price for your demand.
Project Planning
We always keep close ties with our customers, and make sure that both parties have the same requirement and understanding on the project from the very beginning. Any further planning is based on this. Communications are required any time on important items so as to guarantee the smooth process of the project.
Resource Allocation
After fully understand of the project, our staff will make sure that the modular resources will soon reach their destination so as to guarantee the punctuality, accuracy and standardization of the project. The project manager will hold a conference and introduce the requirement and major contents of the project to every team member. To ensure that everyone has a correct understanding of the work content, every detail of the project will be discussed.
Project Conference
The project manager will hold conferences at every stage of the process so as to ensure information exchange and better cooperation. Adjustments can be made in accordance with changes of project content during the conference.
Status Report
The project management system always monitors the work process and creates a status report. The status report summarizes all aspects of the project, including work process, measures taken, problems encountered or foreseen and experience, task to be completed, etc.
Our project manager will make sure that all the project resources shall pass language test, both the text part and the comprehensive part after integration, so as to safeguard quality during the whole process. The final test and acceptance proved our promise.
Summary Conference
When a project is finished, the project management center will hold a conference discussing all the problems occurred during the process and the coordination among different departments. In this way, we can provide you with better service in the future that is good for you and we can keep a fine partnership.
In general, we sincerely welcome your advice and comments. Our success depends on the quality of our service we provided. We like to hear our customer, listen to their opinions, because this is the only way for a good partnership.

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