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Quality Control

QUITTS Translation has established a complete set of quality control system, standardized operation flow and strict check and approval standard according to GB/T19002-1994 IDT ISO 9002. Pursuing high quality translation service is the guideline for all members of QUITTS Translation and we are sparing no efforts in improving the quality of service. The nature of translation work demands translators with profound mastery of foreign languages and abundant professional academic background in related fields. Moreover, strict quality supervision system is required to achieve effective translation.
Translation Quality Criteria:
1. Comprehend original texts exactly;
2. Abide by Chinese regulations and vocation specialties;
3. Provide conformed finished translation versions as per the national standards and the requirements of clients including presswork or e-mails.
Interpretation Quality Criteria:
Construction site, technical contract commercial negotiation, sightseeing, abroad with a delegation interpretation and other service quality.
1. Construction Site Interpretation:
1.1 Know site devices and deliver information well to the two parties of project construction when setting in device site, mechanic, electric, instrument installation, debugging, startup and acceptance exactly and timely.
1.2 Deal with the translation on all conference summaries, memos, work logs, etc. of the two parties in site operation during the period of project construction.
1.3 Abide by strictly all rules and regulations of site safety operation.
2. Technical, Contractual, Commercial Negotiation Interpretation:
2.1 Know well technology data and documentation and make exact, precise and standard interpretation.
2.2 Revise right contracts and Chinese and English texts of their annexes.
2.3 Keep surely secret of conference details, cooperation intention of the two parties in project construction and their contracts from the outside or the third party.
Other Interpretation:
They are technical communication for project construction, lectures, training, and conference interpretation, etc.

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