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QUITTS Translation has become a renowned translation service provider in setting up an talent pool and classifying translating personnel according to their specialties, so that every translator or interpreter is good at a specific field; at the same time, we grade their QC based on the clients' feedback and then the talent pool, in accordance with our search criteria, recommends our translating personnel from the one with the highest QC grade. This method has greatly improved our company's working efficiency and service quality as well.
QUITTS Translation always keeps away from the utilization of any translation software. Instead, subservient to the idea of manual translation, we ensure our accurate and idiomatic translations.
Furthermore, we also form a professional translating elite team for our key clients in order to meet the clients' needs for translation and also to offer a guarantee of our translation's coherence and stability.
As an international professional translation service company enjoying good reputation, QUITTS Translation has signed long-term cooperative agreements on translation service with many enterprises and institutions concerning foreign affairs.


Nanjing Steel & Iron Group
BASF-YPC Project
Nanjing Celanese Project
Nanjing Teksid Aluminum Founding Co. Ltd.
Nanjing Automobile Group Co., Ltd.
YAHOO Network
Mogan Electrical
Angola High Court
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
Daelim Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Korea
MaisonWorleyParsons Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd.
Stone & Webster Asia Inc. of America Shaw Group
Wujiang Modern Aluminum Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Beyond Anti-corrosion Technology Engineering Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Huayu Purifying Equipment Installation Engineering Co., Ltd.
Martin (Kunshan) Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.


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